Hanami Sushi, Nile St, Giza

I’ve been ranting and raving about Hanami Sushi to everyone who will listen ever since I tried them for the first time earlier this year. This tiny bastion of freshness is highly recommended to sushi lovers in Cairo, and for a much better price, too!

Lets begin with the location itself. sitting in a tiny building overlooking the nile in Giza, the physical space it occupies is quite small. Zamalek natives will identify it with Dido’s, a tiny italian eatery specialising in various pastas, and an institution of good italian pasta. However, the decor of Hanami far surpasses that of Dido’s, with wood panelling everywhere, acquariums with colorful fish and a small bar that provides a vantage point from which to witness the handiwork of the chefs. There is a nice ambience, and with space for only 23 people, it ensures that the service is fast, efficient and very attentive. At the same time, there is an air of privacy, so taking your significant other there for a nice dinner is not out of the question. This is in direct contrast to Dido’s, where you have to strain to hear your partner over the din of the kitchen, loud music and general hubbub of the other patrons.

Hanami, like Dido’s, does one thing well – Sushi. While there are other options on the menu, its clearly the sushi that is the star. In addition to mouthwatering Maguro, succulent Sake and excellent Ebi sushi, one can choose to order the Beef or Chicken Teriyaki – but I do not recommend it. Instead, stick to what they do well; and that also happens to include the tempura shrimp and vegetables.

I will not risk overhyping this restaurant; go try it yourself and tell me whether or not you agree!


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