Cairo’s Best Burger: The Method behind the Madness.

I’ve turned into a culinary Kane. I walk the earth alone and sample the fare on offer by the countless vendors in our fair city. This self imposed quest was to find a hamburger worthy of being called Cairo’s Best.

But first, a little background on why.

About a year ago, an unfortunate journalist walked into Lucille’s one afternoon for the first time. Nostalgic and homesick, he was enthralled by the thinly veiled greasy spoon diner that is Lucille’s. He ordered a Hamburger, and it may have been good. However, a hungry and homesick judge is a judge easily bribed and swayed; and this man was no different. Desperate for some work, he mined his mind for a sensational claim that would turn a run-of-the-mill afternoon lunch into a Time-worthy article – The World’s Best Hamburger is in Cairo.

His plan worked, and unfortunately gave credibility to the argument that some poor misguided souls have been making that Lucille’s burgers are actually good. I refer you back to my original rant for some more vitriol.

Then, a jumpy young man over at Daily News Egypt started looking for the best burger in Cairo, and although he painted his search as “comprehesive” I have my doubts.Judging only by the location of restaurants that made it into his article, he seems to have put himself on a taxi budget of no more than 10 pounds; limiting his search to the expat-rich neighborhoods of Zamalek and Maadi. So although it was a nice try – it feels undercooked.

Now onto the task at hand:

When trying to determine the best of anything, a strict set of criteria needs to be followed. I decided that only plain hamburgers/cheeseburgers will be considered – no mushroom burgers, no bacon barbecue burgers need apply. I am not going to speak to the quality of the restaurant itself: I am focusing solely on the Hamburger, and its quality.

I also limited the candidates based on their popularity among Cairenes as a whole. This means that one-off restaurants like Crave or Spectra are not considered for this list, although they may be considered later on in a follow up article. The exceptions to this rule are Hotel restaurants. Special emphasis is placed on establishments that claim to have “the world’s best burger” or other iteration claiming their global uniqueness.

If you, my phantom reader, have a recommendation drop me a line. Give me a good reason why it should be added to my list, and why I should even be listening to you.

Otherwise, go boil an egg.

Preparation Time: 25 minutes


About Wesam E Masoud
Chef Patron of @chefsmarketmasr, Host of @CBCSofra's #matbakh101. I have one degree in Medicine & 3rd degree burns from cooking.

7 Responses to Cairo’s Best Burger: The Method behind the Madness.

  1. Munqy says:

    Thou hast not participated in the first of the Borgaaaaar evaluations. For that, 100 midgets in drag will flog you in the streets of Cairo.

  2. Tom Gara says:

    How times must have changed – when I was last living in Cairo the burgers from Lucilles were excellent and Route 66 was pretty much inedible, one of the worst any of us had ever had. Consistency is always an issue with restaurants in Egypt though…

    Another place to consider in the “burgers for the masses” category alongside Amo Hosni is Naima, a brightly light open air place on the Imbaba corniche.

    At about 1am on a Friday morning the place is just doing furious business, with the burger and shawerma masters churning them out at an incredible rate.

  3. Booza says:

    i have recently tried a new “hole in the wall ” kind of a burger joint in Masaken Sheraton, Heliopolis known as Simo’s Burgers, which also claims to serve the best burger in town. Truth be told, it was not the best there is but the spices added to the patties were original and never done before which makes their claim of ” homemade burgers” somewhat close to be true!!

  4. Ahmed says:

    Dear Wesam ..

    Just a note about burger. McDonalds is the worst burger in History. And the worst thing in it is that you know exactelly how your sandwich will be before having it in hand. U know the exact taste ! How many bites ! even the digestion feeling it is always the same. I guess this came from the strict quality control McDonalds applies. Its great to have this in an industry but not in a sandwich. Anyway i prefer much more to have thik fleshy burger like Lucilles or Route 66 than the skinny McDonalds one.

    That was my openion anyway
    And thank you for reading it.

    Chears mate !

  5. Alia says:

    BURGER KITCHEN!! add it to the list.

    Maadi bardo.
    ’cause i don’t do burgers, and i tried this and actually enjoyed it. Once 0:)

  6. D'arcy says:

    Ruby Tuesdya’s Burgers are yummy!

  7. Guide2007 says:

    Ad 10.5 swone es puro! You calose! Hear me? You calose papi!

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