Not Hungry Cuz I Ate. Yesterday!

I rolled out of bed this morning and landed with a thud. Rolled is an apt word, because after the copious amounts of beef, veg and chocolate I consumed last night, my trunkal area has morphed into a $200 barrel of oil. As I opened my eyes the scent of the fantastic marinade my comrade made lingered still in these hairy nostrils of mine.

I’d eaten my fill, and I knew it. Total Serum Triglycerides – 250 and rising.

You see, its Eid. The Big One. The Greater Feast. And a few of my friends and I decided to make our celebration meal a Great Feast. I came a bit late to the shindig, and brought my own beef purchased from my excellent Butcher “Samara” on Hassanein Haikel Road in Nasr City. Seriously, as an aside, having a good relationship (or any at all) with your butcher is key.

I got a rib eye steak and a Sirloin Steak; each weighing about 350 grams. I marinated the sirloin for 40 minutes; the Rib Eye was heavily seasoned with salt and pepper and painted with olive oil and rosemary. A good barbecue does not rest on the seared flesh alone – we had sides galore: caramelized onions, beef and onion gravy, nutmeg and cheese pureed potatoes, and rosemary roasted potatoes.

There was a lot to go around, and we finished it all.

The thought to take pictures occurred after the fact, so I can only show you shaky cell phone pictures of the empty plates and pans. We did, however, have the presence of mind to photograph the dessert – a great construct of Brownie, Vanilla and Caramel ice cream, topped with fresh spearmint, grated mint chocolate and a chocolate fudge sauce. We also added a Roasted Marshmallow Kebab to round out the decadence.

Props to the hosts for the good music, good cheer and good spirits! It was Good. We ate much food. Happy Eid, Lads.

Cooking Time: 17 minutes.


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One Response to Not Hungry Cuz I Ate. Yesterday!

  1. HR says:

    Really? Rosemary on a steak? Why don’t you just punch me in the face? Then pass me that scrumtrilescent brownie a la mode.

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