Tamarai Egypt: Now serving BS!

I reviewed Tamarai at the Nile Towers earlier this year and did not enjoy it. I will tell anyone who is generous enough to listen that Tamarai is the embodiment of pretentiousness and should be avoided if you are going there for the food. I still maintain that the Bar is quite good, but by no means should it be considered as a Restaurant that serves good food.

The Daily News Egypt has seen it fit to interview the Managing Partner of Tamarai, Mr. Vincent Guillou. The man is not a Chef; he is a restauranteur – it is very clear in the way he talks about Tamarai. He seemed more passionate about the misguided decor than about the food he allows to leave his kitchen. Especially galling is his claim that he wants to bring food to “the people”. Last time I checked, Tamarai was not hosting a Ma2edat Rahman (free dinners for the underprivileged). Mr. Guillou even has the audacity to refer to himself as Egyptian – nay, Egyptian-French – yet nowhere in his food do I see an Egyptian influence.

I’ll let the video do the talking. I’m going to sit back in disgust and watch the comments roll in.

Cooking Time: 4 minutes


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4 Responses to Tamarai Egypt: Now serving BS!

  1. Mister Hanky the Christmas Poo says:

    This guy is a joke. Check out the nonstick cookware at 0:54. What a hack.

  2. irishalexandrian3109 says:

    I can’t comment on the cuisine since I’ve never been there to dine or for drinks. However, from watching the clip Chef Vincent seems be quite talented in his culinary skills. Perhaps your palate and his just don’t see eye to eye?
    When he said he cooked for ‘the people’ I don’t think he was referring to the general public, I am certain he meant the clientele of Tamarai: The upper crust of Cairo Society.
    As for the interview itself, I was not impressed. It didn’t make me want to book a table and go and experience sitting in his limestone restaurant of ‘French Egyptian’ cuisine.

  3. Wesam Masoud says:

    Let’s agree on one thing: He is NOT a chef. he is certainly not the Chef responsible for the food at Tamarai; he is the Managing Partner.

    As for his “culinary skills” we saw him do two things: make an outdated and ugly rosette out of god-knows-what and then we saw him slather olive oil on a salmon fillet and pan sear it in an oiled pan. Unseasoned, and over oiled. Salmon is an oily fish, and really doesn’t need that much oil.

    The man does not have a palate, at least not one that is discernible from food he doesn’t not even cook himself.

    Let’s not make excuses for the guy, ok?

  4. اليسا says:

    ahahhahaha ran into your tamarai article by chance . . . we must be soulmates . . . had the same horrible food but all my dining mates made me feel like a wet blanket for voicing them!!!

    have you tried the crazy french place out by dahshour yet? i’ve heard mixed reviews, but none from anyone reputable!


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