Fast Food Fast!

If you grab a copy of the menus from the 4 big fast food franchises in Egypt [McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Hardee’s], you’ll count over 100 outlets between them in Cairo alone. That is alot of prefrozen crap.

After eating another cardboard cheeseburger from McDonald’s, I came up with an idea in the spirit of the upcoming month of Ramadan.

Mad Photoshop Skillz, right?

Mad Photoshop Skillz, right?

For 30 days, I will not eat a single meal from any fast food joint. And I want you to join me. The rules are simple; do not eat a single meal from any of the restaurants you see in the banner. Secondly, vote i the poll, just so I know how many people are supporting this mad plan of mine.

Cooking time: 18 minutes on low heat


About Wesam E Masoud
Chef Patron of @chefsmarketmasr, Host of @CBCSofra's #matbakh101. I have one degree in Medicine & 3rd degree burns from cooking.

8 Responses to Fast Food Fast!

  1. irishalexandrian3109 says:

    Great idea!! In the past I have gone without eating fastfood muck for 3 months and longer. Your insides feel so much lighter and you will feel a lot healthier too. If your able to cut out carbonated drinks you will see more noticable changes as well. I’ve got you back on this Fat Sam!!!

  2. Wesam Masoud says:

    I forgot to ask people to sign their votes πŸ™‚ Ah well; day one is proving to be very difficult, since I am now craving McDonald’s French Fries.

    Today, I weigh 73KG…

  3. Ayfer says:

    You’re craving McDonalds french fries, do you have no taste my friend? They are the worst french fries of all the fast food joints. [I am not sure which one would be the best, but McDonalds is not it. They are greezy, dry, rubbery. You want something that is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, and steaming hot with some feta cheese sprinkled on top. Yup, you should go to Bulgaria.

  4. Rami El-Gawly says:

    Alright…I like your idea, but just one issue, sometimes if you’re just sitting at home with a bunch of friends and watching a good movie and you get that food craving; 2 options. 1. you go for any of the fast food outlets listed above or 2. you can order fast food, but local style… is that allowed, and I mean like kabbab or fried shrimps, koshari, etc… where do you stand on these items? Today I still weigh 96Kgs

    • Wesam Masoud says:

      Intelligent question made by an intelligent man!

      There are other options than local fast food; for pizza, you could do maison thomas, or pastas you can order Dido’s. It’s a Quality of Food thing; if the quality of the food is exceptional, or at least above the mass produced gloop we shovel into our gobs everyday, then it’s all good πŸ˜€

  5. irishalexandrian3109 says:

    I went out with my sister today and I was starving!!! The sight of all those trans fat fast food joints were calling to me. I was salivating and I could taste burgers, fries, pizza and other sinful delights. The temptation to walk over to one of the counters and place and order was GREAT but I found the will power to turn to a slightly healthier choice, Chinese…and that’s not all instead of going for an adult portion I chose the kids portion (smaller plate) and it was enough to satisfy my hunger and my craving. So, If I can say ‘NO, To FAST FOOD’, then you can too.

    Just wanted to share that with you Sam and whom ever else is doing this.


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