F3 update, Dubai food Rocks

It’s Day seven of the Fast Food Fast. I want Greasy Fries. I want a BK Double Whopper smothered in cheese, mayonnaise and ketchup. I want buckets of Pepsi (or coke) and barrels of deep fried chicken.

But I must persevere. I must be strong.

I was in Dubai this past weekend, and I gotta say; they have got it good. I had to pay my respects to Krispy Kreme, and also to Taco Bell. It has been a full 14 months since I’ve had either of them and F3 be damned, I will not allow another calendar year to pass without sampling their oh-so-good food.

The Taco bell was just as I expected; initial rush of adrenaline, followed by a deep sense of disappointment in myself and in the world in general. Krispy Kreme, however, is a cruel mistress. U2 was talking about Krispy Kreme when they wrote this lyric:

Her skin is pale like God’s only dove
Screams like an angel for your love
Then she makes you watch her from above
And you need her like a drug

u2 – So Cruel [from the album Achtung Baby, 1992]

I would have eaten 2 dozen donuts, but the Heavens conspired against me – Ramadan had commenced, and instead of an afternoon spent engorging myself in soft, chewy glazed pleasures; I instead eschewed them for a higher spiritual calling: Hunger.

Fast Food aside, some of the world’s top restaurateurs and chefs have set up shop in Dubai. You will not want for lack of options in Dubai. The temptation to finally dine at Nobu is immense, but then a friend of mine pointed out the smaller, ethnically diverse local shops found in the Old Dubai neighborhoods. Places like Ravi, a Pakistani restaurant that sees western and eastern expats in equal – and large – numbers everyday. I didn’t get to eat there, but I am told the food is the stuff of satisfaction.

So what “Local” restaurants do we have? If you had a friend coming down from Dubai; where would you take them? Leave a comment, have a shout, and maybe we’ll talk.

Very Hungry Cuz It’s Ramadan

Today I weigh 70.5KG

Cooking Time 13 Minutes.


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2 Responses to F3 update, Dubai food Rocks

  1. Chris says:

    God, I was tortured with Krispy Kremes recently. My boss brought two dozen into work on Friday for the office (original and chocolate covered, one dozen each)… I can’t resist the allure of them, and ate 4 of them in a period of 2 hours (does pacing help?).

    This is a great goal, to cut fast food out. I have attempted to do that somewhat myself. I shop at Whole Foods here in Tampa, and I rarely, rarely go to fast food places. However, this week has been torture with preparing for my new place. And I got stuck eating Taco Bell a couple days as a quick “hold me over until I’m done cleaning” thing… It’s definitely time to go back to my healthy eating habits.

  2. irishalexandrian3109 says:

    Fat Sam my Man!! How goes the Fast Food Fast with you? It has been 24 days since I started this stand off with you and I have NOT lost the battle to temptation!! I am still eating home cooked meals at iftar time! Now that I’m back on the band wagon, I’m going to try and push myself to stay away from the TRANS FATTY Foods for another month or so! I have found that the less greasy/fried food I eat the more energy I have and more my taste buds have become hightened and more appreciative of healthyier food and flavors!!

    Irish Alexandrian

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