Fast Food Fast Conclusion? Success!

Ladies and Gents, the Fast Food Fast of 2009 is over.

I'm still a fan of my Photoshoppage.

I'm still a fan of my Photoshoppage.

Ok, I gotta come clean – I only relapsed twice; but you can’t blame me – I was on a plane to Beirut and hadn’t eaten since the previous night. The second time was… well… Burger King. I can’t say no to BK. It’s my Kryptonite. But after 30 days of completely shutting out fast food, I thought I’d be lighter on my feet. Spry and nimble. Lean mean and thinking leafy greens.

Sadly, I was wrong. Today I weigh 71Kg. Not a brilliant loss of weight, but I think I know who the culprit is:

Sweet Nectar of the Gods.

Sweet Nectar of the Gods.

I was drinking about 2 liters of Pepsi daily. I need to cut that out of my diet. The problem is, I am composed of 70% Pepsi. It is my Heroin. My morning cup of coffee. A day without Pepsi is unimaginable, a meal without it is unpalatable. I’m so hooked, I’m even a fan of the brand itself – and I do not like Coca Cola. There is much work to be done if I am to get my unhealthy dietary habits in line

As a conclusion to this wonderful month, I’m gonna go ahead and point you in the direction of Next Gen Foods who have compiled a chart of unhealthiest options at some of our favorite fast food chains.

Happy Feast, y’all.

Cooking Time 20 minutes.


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2 Responses to Fast Food Fast Conclusion? Success!

  1. irishalexandrian3109 says:

    Not bad Fat Sam! only falling off the wagon twice!! I’m proud of you Doc.
    I am still on the fast food fast. I want to see how long I can go without eating ANY fast food or take away junk. If I can go a year that would be awsome but I’m aiming till the end of November! I’m also thinking….(she says while brooding) of writing a feature about your movement. What do you think?
    As for not losing more that you expected. Exercise is one reason why you may not have dropped the extra pounds and unfortunately Pepsi does play a big part in that too. It’s so high in sodium that it causes water retention in the body, it’s also really really bad for your bones. (your a Doc, so I’m sure you already knew that). So if you were to cut it out completly not only would you feel lighter but you would see a BIG difference in your complextion.
    I’m a classic Coke girl myself, but I’ve cut my consumption of the black fizz down to a minimum and have replaced the can of soda pop with a bottle H20.I have seen a big difference. My stomach doesn’t look bloated all the time and my skin looks a lot healthier too.

  2. irishalexandrian3109 says:

    Fat Sam, just wanted to update you! It’s the first of October and since the ‘Fast Food Fast’ began, I haven’t had a sniff, whiff or a bite! I’m still going strong!!
    It may get a bit tougher once I’m back at work ad don’t have the time or the energy to cook for myself as much as i do now…but I’m going to try and hag in there as well as I can! Sam, I’m thinking of taking your ‘Fast Food’ thoughts and writing a piece about it. You game?

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