VIP Restaurant, Cairo Tower

<First Published in G-Mag, Issue #53>

The people behind “VIP” want you to feel part of an exclusive and rarefied club; the Elite, the Chosen Few. But instead of employing bouncers at the door, and conjuring up fictitious minimum charges, they do it the old fashioned way: just hide the door. It’s reminiscent of a prohibition era Chicago. It took me two trips to the Cairo tower to get in; making a reservation wasn’t easy – VIP doesn’t have a direct line. Your best bet is to pray the Cairo Tower operator will answer and then redirect you to the Restaurant Manager.

After two long elevator rides and at an elevation of a hundred meters, VIP provides a very special atmosphere, well suited for celebrating a business deal, an anniversary, or a grand apology. There are two levels; a lounge level that serves a variety of alcoholic drinks and the lower dining level which seats forty diners. Impressive menus, ironed white tablecloths and elegant tablesettings set the mood, and the impeccable wait-staff blend into the background, appearing only to silently top up your water, bring you the next course or light the cigarette lingering in your hand.

Bring your own Diamond Ring.

VIP’s dinner menu reads like a catalogue of the finest ingredients available; lobster tail, Fois Gras, and Wagyu beef tenderloin. For a decadent start to the meal, share the Fois Gras on Brioche with a friend, and follow it up with any of the classic French dishes on the main course menu. The Filet Minion with Potato Dauphinois and Green peppercorn sauce is highly recommended. For dessert, the Crème brulee is easily among the best on offer, and the Belgian Chocolate Tower exceeds all expectations.

VIP restaurant is Exclusive. It is Intimate. But it is also extremely expensive. Use sparingly, and try not to get addicted.


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2 Responses to VIP Restaurant, Cairo Tower

  1. Sayed Kawawi says:

    I eat my snacks there, whenever I’m in the mood for a white cheese and cucumber sandwich..

  2. VIP restaurant is the best tailor to business or romantic occasions. the tower also contains other amazing restaurants like Sky Garden and Galleria.

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