Mr 3000!

Gadzooks, Zounds and Egads!

It’s taken about 6 months, but I’ve finally hit 3000 unique visitors! and just in time for christmas. To celebrate, I’m going to watch Heston Blumenthal’s Christmas Feast again. At times, this man moves me to tears. Other times, he drives me to insanity.

Keep on clicking, foodies and cairenes; and post a comment or two that makes sense! Sayed Kawawi (name withheld, but I know who it is) has the palate and brain size of a dinosaur; but at least he’s got something to say. Join in the fun; I may be inclined to respond.

Nuked. 30 seconds on Medium Power


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3 Responses to Mr 3000!

  1. Y says:

    Glad to see Calvin quatoed!


  2. Y says:

    Hey… was it easy migrating your posts form blogger?


    • Wesam Masoud says:

      Very easy – there’s a tool when you set up your wordpress account that allows you to import posts automatically.

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