Playing Favorites

Yep, I’ve been really lazy as of late. Here’s an attempt to get off my rear end and actually write something unique for the NHCIA.

I haven’t got a lot of time to regale you with tales of food history or tell you how to make a cinnamon syllabub; I’m in a wham-bam-thank you ma’am kinda mood. When I’m hungry and I need speed, I get some me fast feed. Of course I have favorites; some home deliveries are faster than others, and that typically influences my decision. But it’s not just the speed of the food delivery – cook door could deliver in 5 minutes and I still wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole – it’s the items on offer.

Burgers? Burger King, Hardee’s, Burger Kitchen then McDonald’s.

Pizza? Sbarro’s, Papa John’s, Domino’s, Pizza Hut then Little Ceaser’s.

Chicken? KFC, Texas Fried Chicken then Al Tazaj. Not too many chicken fast food options out there; that would explain why KFC has been allowed to thrive.

Chinese? No one. It’s a big market gap that needs to be exploited by someone with more time and money than myself.

As a wee lad growing up in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, I often found myself wishing for the day when I could mix and match, pick and choose my favorite items  and eat them all on the same plate. Sort of like an All-Star Fast Food Team. Thankfully, my Fast Food Fast has been over for almost 6 months. Without further adieu, Here’s my lineup:

Main Items:

  1. BK Whopper
  2. Hardee’s Mushroom and Swiss
  3. KFC Toasted Twister Wrap with Cheese (Original)
  4. Sbarro’s New York Thin Sliced Margherita Pizza

Side Items:

  1. Texas Chicken’s Biscuits
  2. A&W Root Beer
  3. McDonald’s Fries
  4. Hardee’s Big Cookie

I’m pretty sure there are some items that you wouldn’t agree with; but then again, there are probably items there that you have not tried yet: go try them, then come talk to me. If you’ve got your own suggestions, make yourself heard!

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About Wesam E Masoud
Chef Patron of @chefsmarketmasr, Host of @CBCSofra's #matbakh101. I have one degree in Medicine & 3rd degree burns from cooking.

4 Responses to Playing Favorites

  1. Mister Hanky the Christmas Poo says:

    Boy did you ever phone that one in!

    • Wesam Masoud says:

      Yeah, but like fast food, it was not designed to provide any meaningful sustenance; just a filler till the Next Big Meal comes around.

  2. Parquet says:

    I lyke za momen esandwish cuz am bileefar.

  3. Abbas Sayed Metwali El Doksh Jr. says:

    Foul sandwich from Gad, tameya sandwich from Nagaf and torshi from lemozen. Ahh yauba!

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