Tart Au Citron

I love me a good Lemon Tart – the tangier the better. The last time I had one was in Paris, and it was good – but I’ve been thinking about trying my own hand at making a Tart-Au-Citron. I was already prepping my test kitchen for a batch of Modified Nanaimo Bars, and halfway through I decided to ignore the canadian refrigerator treat for a French Classic.

I was working loosely off of this recipe for the crust, and this recipe for the filling. The difference with the crust recipe is that I used the crumbs from ginger snaps and Digestive biscuits.. The crust was prebaked and left to cool, then I went to work on the lemon curd. I’ve had alot of experience with heating eggs to make a rich custard – I’ve promised to post my Egg Nog recipe for ages – so I knew what to expect. Double Boiler, stir constantly, path in a wooden spoon. After paintakingly making the lemon curd, I poured it into the crust and pushed it into the oven for a second bake. 15 minutes later, it was done. I topped it with a few fresh Thyme leaves, and stared at it for half an hour, hoping that my “coolness” would be infectious, and speed up the cooling process.

It didn’t. I must be having an off day.

The result? FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC! Excuse my profanity, but this is a HUGE thing for me. To get a tart-au-citron right on the first try is wonderful. If you like lemons, I highly recommend making this at home – but make sure you’re very careful; this is not a recipe to be trifled with, so pay attention to every detail and never ignore it.

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 30 minutes total.


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4 Responses to Tart Au Citron

  1. Abissada says:

    something about a good lemon tart always hits the spot. i also love a a little meringue on top, or even a good key-lime tart; equally easy to make.

  2. Silverfoot says:

    I can vouch for this one. And the Shepherd’s pie, and the Beef Wellington, and the apple crumble, and the brined roasted chicken, and the home made burgers!
    The boy’s got talent.
    Oh and I almost forgot the beautiful shrimp cocktail, light, flavorful fantastish!

  3. cookincairo says:

    Oooh – I have to try – I know the ‘fan-fucking-tastic’ feeling – every once in a while things fall into place amazingly and I’m SHOCKED by the results… food is so fabulous.

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