I wish I had said it #2

Desk Girl eloquently encapsulates the world of a foodie in her latest post. One small note: isn’t it Foodie, not foodist? A Fattie is someone who loves fat people, and a Fatist is someone who hates them. By that same token, wouldn’t a foodist be someone who hates food?

Desk Girl, hats off to ya!


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3 Responses to I wish I had said it #2

  1. Diary of a Desk Girl says:

    thanks for the hats off, human tester! foodist was a term a friend came up with when he claimed i was too much of a snob and discriminated against others who didn’t share my taste in food; therefore, i was a foodist. then i googled it and discovered it actually exists, at least according to wikidictionary (not a very credible source but oh welll.) and foodist sounds like buddhist and nudist, so let’s start a religion!

    • Wesam Masoud says:

      Aha! so, if I understand it correctly, all foodists can be foodies, but not all foodies can be foodists.

      The plot, like a sauce, thickens.

  2. Silverfoot says:

    I agree with Desk Girl, Foodist, like racist is someone who discriminates against “lesser” foods, and prefers certain types of food over others. Great term, and I think I subscribe to that…to a certain extent.

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