I wish I had said it #4

Anti-foodie sign, seen in New York of all places.

A whirlwind April has given way to an even tempered May – that is, if my my horoscope is to be believed. Lots of stuff up in my head, lots of little drumsets in this head of mine, but the loudest one at 4am happens to be the question of whether to use the term “Foodie” or “Foodist” to describe my addiction to all things, err, Food.

In my search for answers, I slipped back into old habits; researching and cataloging sources so I could come up with a conclusion. But sleep and the desire to get home and watch Celebrity Masterchef cut that whole endeavor short, and so I’ll link to the two most entertaining pieces I’ve read about the subject. Besides, these guys have said everything I could possibly want to say but better; that’s why this post is under the “I wish I had said it” category.

A Call for Revolution, by Dan Restione

The Final word on “Foodies” by Hagan Blount

At the end of it all, you gotta ask yourself: Would Anthony Bourdain call himself a Foodie/Foodist? Probably not.

Raw, Uncooked.


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  1. Foodie says:

    Thanks for the props! Cool site!

  2. Is this dead? Bas ashan el shikl el gamali yauba.


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