Internet Trolling: Happy Beefgiving Day!

What the hell is beefgiving day anyway?

In true Aussie fashion – where babies are eaten by dingos (sorry bout ya baby) and its considered normal to walk upright on the bottom of the earth – Meat and Livestock Australia have concocted Beefgiving day to encourage consumers to think of beef when they take their barbies out in the hot sun this summer.

Beefgiving day, it would seem, is a day to bring together adversaries over the pleasures of the seared flesh. It is in this spirit that a video has been created by a company called Kindling Media to show two Australian politicians coming together over beef cooked in a flying kitchen over the Australian parliament house in Canberra. I wonder if the Aussies are aware that to “have beef” with someone means to “have or start agrudge against another person” – this makes the concept of the video incongruous to the little 2Pac in all of us.

Here in Egypt, Australian Beef is routinely touted as the best money can buy, with Gourmet Egypt cornering the market on upside down cattle through their mother company, AM Foods. Australian Beef is on offer at almost every 4 or 5 star hotel in Egypt, as well as a few well regarded Cairo restaurants. For flavor and consistency in quality, it stands above most other options; but being the Red, White and Black blooded Egyptian that I am, I’d prefer to see more use of Egyptian cattle at these restaurants.

We can’t expect the Egyptian Food Service Industry to recover, let alone grow, if we keep importing foreign (and faraway) ingredients while our own locally produced pantry is ignored and slighted. Keeping local means keeping costs down. And if local Egyptian producers aren’t cutting the mustard (‘scuse pun); then w should work with them and demand a better product. Eventually we’ll get there, and on the way, we just might give this industry the boost it needs.

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  1. I guess you haven’t heard, but Gourmet no longer allowed to import Aussie beef, been that way for a good 6 months or so. Not the fresh kind anyway (some frozen), so now only selling baladi steaks etc which are in my opinion very tasty.

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