Internet Trolling: Grab Bag edition!

I do a fair bit of web surfing. I ride the big waves like the New York Times or Chowhound, and occaisonally find myself in the backwaters of or 4chan. Othertimes, I’m taken by my browser to darker, more disturbing waters – where Lara Croft has an affinity for multiple appendages. I;m then reminded of Rule 34 of the internet.

So on these surfing trips, I came across a few humorous and interesting pages I liked so much, I took time out of my super busy schedule writing recipes for a new Gastropub and wrote this post. For you.

Now don’t you feel special?

Going Out To Dinner With Food-Loving Friend A Huge Ordeal I’m not like that; but I can be if I’m out to dinner with another foodie. Then it’s just a masochistic gripefest.

The Pasta Naming game: I got 5 wrong. Don’t tell anyone.

The Ancient Egyptians invented pie crusts. Score another one for Egyptian Food History!

17 Best Picture Food Scenes: Kinda reads like an advertisement for the DVDs, but these list 17 scenes from 17 Oscar winning Best Pictures. Kinda pointless, really.Shouldn’t have linked it; but I wrote this line already.

How Panko is really made: Electrocuted bread. That’s how they do it in factories, anyway. and a coarse grain. This video will demystify the panko and should give you an idea of how you can make a viable substitute at home. Clue: High hydration, hi salt, hi yeast slow cooked dough. (Note to self – NHCIA test kitchen episode!)

Cooking Time: 3 minutes.


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