Wordle: Not Hungry Cuz I Ate

Header Artwork by Christopher Fleming of Ridgefield, CT. It is an Original Ink on Paper drawing Chris gave me as a gift during 2005 in New Haven, CT. The Captions are not visible, but the full drawing is seen below.

In Chris’ words, “This drawing reminds me of you”.

Original Artwork by Christopher Fleming

Original Artwork by Christopher Fleming; 1st Panel: The Day broke... cold... overcast. 2nd Panel: I thought about a cup of coffee. 3rd Panel: In the end, I went back to sleep.

Articles in Print:

CAMPUS Magazine

April 2009:

Feature: All Hail the Bromance.

May 2009:

Feature: 8 Egyptian Leading Men we could all learn from

Delicious: Engineering the Burger

June 2009:

Campus Campaign: For Those About to Work, I Lament You

Delicious: The Dude’s Shrimp Cocktail

Album Review: Better Than Ezra – Paper Empire

July 2009:

Campus Campaign: Health Scares – Food Illnesses

Delicious: Beachy Foods

August 2009:

Campus Campaign: Road Rage

Delicious: Breakfasting In Cairo


Issue #52:

Yahoo Questions on Trial!

Issue #53:

Restaurant Reviews: Armada Boat, VIP Restaurant

Confession: Living with frustration, and why Zamalek fans Kick Ass


One Response to About

  1. Sam Welbeck says:


    Wonderful blog, full of insight and great reviews. I wonder if you would be interested in writing an article/s for a new lifestyle magazine for Cairo? Published contributions are paid. Please email me for a contributors brief if you are interested. Many thanks. Sam

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